Wednesday, April 16

Interview to the great Michael Alan for Superlative



I am so happy to show you this interview that I have done to the great artist Michael Alan ...

Monday, April 14


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This is my last painting ... 
I found interesting to mix it up with atmospheres similar in color and light ...
Lets hope you like!

Saturday, April 12

It is all about painting

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about painting.
I have done an interview to a great New York artist and
it gave me somehow the desire to go back to the brush ... 
Maybe one of these days ...

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton

Saturday, April 5

Ode to elegance

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Elegance is champagne, strawberry, sparkling water ... 
Elegance is in little things, is good taste and simplicity, is neutral colors but also black ... 
Elegance is innocence, nature, tranquility, art ... 
Elegance is water, diamonds, purity, friendship ...

Elegance is all in the mind of the wearer. 
Philip Treacy

Saturday, March 29

Pink Saturday !

Amazing picture of the Lake Hillier, Australia
The pink color of this lake is thought to be the result of a dye created by algae and bacteria in the water. Despite the odd hue, the lake doesn't seem to have any adverse effects on humans or local wildlife.
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Tuesday, March 25

Sunday, March 23

Happy sunday!!!


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela