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Friday, December 19

Christmas Holidays!

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Today it's the last day of school, Christmas holidays are starting now!!! 

Tuesday, December 16

Fashion gray

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas. Fashion gray: Elegant, chic, sophisticated, classic but modern
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The color gray is the right balance between black and white, my two favorite colors... 
White for interior and black for fashion... 
For instance, gray, it's my best-loved color for everything since it's elegant, chic,
sophisticated, classic, but always modern... 

Sunday, December 14

Closets: Mara Hruby's Interview with StyleLikeU

 Mara Hruby: Beautiful inside and out

Friday, December 12

Beautiful apartment in Sweden

Apartment in Sweden with minimalist decor, soft colors and a lot of white

I found this bright and tasteful apartment through this page to rent and buy in Sweden...
What I most like is the minimalist decor with soft colors and a lot of white.
The apartment has just the furniture needed to be beautiful...

See other locations through the same page

Thursday, December 11

The Striped Shirt


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 Striped shirt style

Any possible way of wearing a striped shirt is good. 
It is perfect for both casual and elegant styles... 
The striped shirt gives character, identity, style, personality... Always adds a plus to your outfit.
Striped shirt and trench are both a must have as they arbasic in fashion!

Wednesday, December 10

My dream house

My dream house

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I love recreating the house of my dreams with pictures that I grab here and there... 
Sometimes the result is very surprising like here where he pictures match so perfectly, 
you wouldn't even think that it is not a proper house...
Bright house, with a clearly defined style.

It was also fun doing those houses: 
1 or 2 or even 3

Tuesday, December 9

Perfect combination of styling

Perfect combination of styling

I could perfectly imagine myself wearing those clothes while working in a great space like this one. 
It is just the perfect combination of styling. Don't you think?

Monday, December 8

Christmas inspiration

Moodboard: Christmas inspiration
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Christmas is around the corner, and as here it is a day off,
we've been decorating the house with the tree, flowers, lights...
While listening at Christmas music of course!

Sunday, December 7

Charismatic location

Charismatic location

Charismatic location

This place is perfect for a fashion photo session or to shoot a publicity spot for a luxury good. 
What I like is the juxtaposition between the declining and unusual place which is it,
with the image of perfection that gives the product. 
Again, what I like is the mix of decadence and luxury.